As a seasoned water purification specialist, I’ve had the opportunity to test numerous filter products in the quest for clean and safe drinking water. The LG WW142NPC water purifier, with a tank capacity of litres, stands out as a game-changer in this domain with its affordable price. With its advanced technology and impressive performance, the product addresses the growing need for efficient water purification systems with its special features. In today’s world, finding a reliable system like a water purifier that offers both high-capacity filtration and low maintenance is crucial for clean drinking water.

ColorCrimson Red
Capacity8 Liters
Special FeatureMulti-Stage Filtration Process, Digital Sterilizing Care, Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank, True RO Filtration, Mineral Booster, efficient water purifier, clean drinking water
Product Dimensions28.3L x 36.5W x 50.6H Centimeters
Package InformationDispenser
Installation TypeWallmount
Power SourceCorded Electric
Item Weight9200 Grams
Innovative Digital Sterilizing Care for hygienic sterilizationYes
Dual Protection Stainless Steel Water Tank for freshness, reduced bacteria growth, and litres.Yes
Mineral Booster adds essential minerals like Calcium & Magnesium to litres of water, using ro material, for healthier water.Yes
ManufacturerLG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.
Country of OriginIndia
Included Components1U Water Purifier, User Manual, Installation Kit, Out-Sediment Filter & RO Material

TL;DR Summary

The LG WW142NPC water purifier boasts a multi-stage filtration process, digital sterilizing care, and a dual protection stainless steel tank. Its true RO filtration and mineral booster ensure the delivery of clean, healthy drinking water. With an 8-liter capacity and dimensions of 28.3L x 36.5W x 50.6H centimeters, this wall-mounted water purifier offers innovative features for hygienic sterilization and the addition of essential minerals like calcium and magnesium.

This concludes the TL;DR summary for the LG WW142NPC water purifier review.

Key Features

The LG WW142NPC water purifier offers a range of key features that make it stand out from the competition.

The multi-stage filtration process ensures that the water is thoroughly purified, removing impurities and contaminants to provide clean and safe drinking water for you and your family. The digital sterilizing care feature further enhances the hygiene of the water by effectively sterilizing the entire water path, ensuring that you get pure and healthy drinking water every time.

The dual protection stainless steel tank not only adds a touch of durability but also helps in maintaining the freshness of the purified water while reducing bacteria growth. This feature gives me peace of mind, knowing that my family is getting fresh and germ-free drinking water.

True RO filtration technology in water purifiers ensures thorough purification by removing even dissolved impurities such as heavy metals, pesticides, and other harmful substances. This advanced technology provides an added layer of protection against contaminants present in the water supply.

The mineral booster feature adds essential minerals like calcium and magnesium back into the purified water. This not only enhances the taste but also ensures that we are getting healthier mineral-enriched drinking water.

Multi Stage Filtration Process

The LG WW142NPC water purifier utilizes a multi-stage filtration process to ensure the delivery of clean and pure drinking water. Each stage of water purifiers is designed to remove different types of contaminants, such as sediments, chemicals, and microorganisms. This comprehensive approach ensures that the water is free from impurities that can affect its taste and quality.

The effectiveness of this filtration process lies in its ability to address various types of pollutants present in the water supply. From large particles like sediments to dissolved chemicals and harmful microorganisms, each stage tackles specific impurities, resulting in water that is safe for consumption. By employing multiple stages of filtration, the LG WW142NPC provides an added layer of assurance regarding the purity of the drinking water it dispenses.

Digital Sterilizing Care

The LG WW142NPC water purifier boasts an innovative digital sterilizing care feature that ensures hygienic sterilization by eliminating bacteria and viruses. This cutting-edge technology guarantees the purity of drinking water, providing peace of mind to users concerned about the safety of their water supply.

This feature is crucial in maintaining the purity of drinking water, especially for households with young children, elderly individuals, or those with compromised immune systems. The digital sterilizing care function of water purifiers effectively eliminates harmful microorganisms, safeguarding the health of your loved ones.

Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank

The LG WW142NPC water purifier comes with a dual protection stainless steel tank that offers numerous benefits. This innovative feature prevents the growth of bacteria, ensuring that the stored water remains fresh and hygienic for consumption. The use of stainless steel also enhances durability and reliability compared to other materials commonly used in water purifiers.

Stainless steel tanks are known for their ability to resist corrosion and rust, providing a long-lasting solution for storing water. This ensures that the quality of the stored water is maintained over time, without any risk of contamination from the storage container itself.

Stainless steel tanks are easy to clean and maintain, making them an ideal choice for ensuring safe drinking water at all times. The material’s non-porous nature further contributes to preventing bacterial growth and maintaining freshness in the stored water.

Furthermore, stainless steel is free from harmful chemicals such as BPA (bisphenol A), which can leach into the stored water from plastic containers or tanks. This makes it a healthier choice for those concerned about potential chemical contaminants in their drinking water.

The use of a dual protection system in water purifiers ensures that even if one layer is compromised, there is an additional layer offering protection against bacterial contamination. This redundancy provides added peace of mind regarding the safety and hygiene of the stored drinking water.

True RO Filtration

The LG WW142NPC water purifier incorporates true RO (Reverse Osmosis) filtration technology, ensuring the removal of dissolved impurities, heavy metals, and harmful substances from water. This advanced filtration process effectively eliminates contaminants, providing superior quality purified water for consumption.

The true RO filtration technology used in the LG WW142NPC water purifier ensures that even the minutest impurities are removed from the water. It is designed to address concerns about potential health hazards associated with consuming contaminated water. The thorough purification process guarantees that users can enjoy safe and clean drinking water at all times.

With its ability to remove a wide range of impurities including heavy metals like lead and arsenic, as well as harmful substances such as fluoride and nitrates, the true RO filtration system in the LG WW142NPC provides peace of mind regarding the safety of drinking water. This makes water purifiers an ideal choice for households where purity and safety are top priorities.

Mineral Booster

The LG WW142NPC water purifier features a mineral booster that enriches the purified water with essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This ensures that the water not only tastes great but also offers health benefits by providing vital nutrients.

Consuming mineral-rich water can contribute to overall well-being, promoting healthy bones, improved digestion, and enhanced muscle function. The addition of calcium and magnesium through the mineral booster, along with water purifiers, helps in maintaining electrolyte balance in the body, making it an ideal choice for individuals leading an active lifestyle or those looking to enhance their daily hydration routine.

Buying Guide

When choosing a water purifier, it’s important to consider several factors to ensure you make an informed decision. The capacity of the purifier is crucial, as it determines how much water it can hold and dispense at a time. Look for a model that suits your household’s daily water consumption.

Filtration technology plays a vital role in ensuring the purity of the water. Consider the type of filtration process used in the water purifier and opt for one that effectively removes impurities such as bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals while retaining essential minerals.

Maintenance requirements are another key consideration. Some purifiers require frequent filter changes or cleaning, which can add to long-term costs. It’s beneficial to choose a water purifier model with low maintenance needs to ensure hassle-free operation.

Warranty is an essential aspect when purchasing any appliance. A reliable warranty for water purifiers provides peace of mind and ensures protection against potential defects or malfunctions. Be sure to compare different water purifiers based on their warranty coverage before making your decision.

Comparing different water purifier models allows you to weigh their features, specifications, and user reviews side by side. This enables you to find the best fit for your specific water purifiers requirements and budget constraints.

Pros and Cons

Top Pick
LG WW142NPC Water Purifier Review

Pros of the LG WW142NPC Water Purifier

  • Advanced Purification Technology: The RO + Mineral Booster technology effectively removes harmful contaminants while retaining essential minerals, providing clean and healthy drinking water.
  • Stainless Steel Tank: The stainless steel tank is more hygienic compared to plastic tanks. It prevents bacterial growth and keeps the water fresh for longer.
  • 8-Liter Capacity: The ample storage capacity ensures a continuous supply of purified water, making it ideal for small to medium-sized families.
  • Sleek Design: The modern and compact design easily blends with any kitchen decor and doesn’t take up much space.

Cons of the LG WW142NPC Water Purifier

  • Installation Process: Some users have found the installation process to be a bit complicated. A more detailed installation guide could be helpful.
  • Cost of Maintenance: The cost of filter replacement can be on the higher side, which might add to the overall maintenance cost of the purifier.


So, there you have it! The LG WW142NPC water purifier is a top-notch choice for ensuring clean and safe drinking water for you and your family. With its advanced multi-stage filtration process, digital sterilizing care, and true RO filtration, this purifier goes above and beyond to provide you with the purest water possible. Not to mention the added benefit of the mineral booster for a healthier hydration experience. This water purifier is a game-changer.

Now that you’re equipped with all the essential details about the LG WW142NPC water purifier, it’s time to make an informed decision. Say goodbye to impurities and hello to crisp, refreshing water right at your fingertips!

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